Plan is to kickstart Shepparton entertainment industry

By Tara Whitsed

When Patrick Choudhary graduated from Notre Dame College three years ago, he had his sights set on real estate in Melbourne.

But with a passion for the entertainment industry, Choudhary — also known as Pat the Plugg or El Patron — moved back to his hometown to kick-start a movement.

‘‘I moved back to Shepparton because I just like the vibe here,’’ he said.

Starting his own personal brand G Shyt Entertainment, Choudhary said he wanted to breath life into the industry in Shepparton, where a music scene had been lacking.

‘‘I want more people to be involved in the industry,’’ he said.

‘‘We’re (Choudhary’s crew) sort of like the pioneers of what we’re doing in Shepparton. We don’t see much action like this in Shepparton.

‘‘But I’m starting to see more people get into it.’’

Choudhary described himself as an entrepreneur.

‘‘There’s a range of things I do — I manage merchandise through my brand, I can record music and do sound engineering, and I can also do digital graphic design,’’ he said.

‘‘I design hats and I’m going to bring out shirts pretty soon. I do custom merchandise for artists.

‘‘Everything I do I’m pushing on social media.

‘‘Through social media I’ve had connections with people in Melbourne, Sydney and I’ve also been talking with people in Brisbane too.’’

Choudhary said he fell into the industry through his good friend and Shepparton local Petero Thony — a hip hop artist who has begun to make a name for himself in Melbourne.

Thony featured in a Scheme Media documentary which was filmed in Shepparton about a year ago where Choudhary was present and picked up a merchandise gig with the company.

But he said, for some people, living in Shepparton meant there were far less opportunities to break into the entertainment industry.

‘‘In regional Shepparton it’s a bit different to Melbourne where you have lots of opportunities,’’ Choudhary said.

‘‘What we’re lacking is the space to do it. A lot of my music has been recorded in my bedroom.

‘‘I follow my passion. I wanted to build it up in Shepparton.

‘‘I know there’s a lot of good artists here and a lot of great work can be done in Shepparton but it’s just a matter of doing it.’’

As part of his push to put Shepparton on the entertainment map, Choudhary said he had been using the term ‘The 36’ throughout his music and social media branding which plays on Shepparton’s postcode 3630.

‘‘It’s the name I’m trying to push to help get the entertainment industry up in Shepparton,’’ he said.

Choudhary said he had immediate plans to run workshops with Shepparton youngsters teaching them skills in music, digital design and video.

‘‘My plan in the future is to have a little club where we have live music regularly and we get artists from Shepparton to express their music,’’ he said.

To keep track of Patrick Choudhary’s journey, follow his Instagram page @pat—the—plugg or his Facebook page G Shyt Entertainment.