Stars take on Latin dances

By Reader Contributed

Local dance instructor and 2006 Dancing With The Stars winner Amanda Garner shares her thoughts on Monday night’s episode:

Latin night on Dancing With The Stars is always fun.

The Latin dances require passion, power and various forms of hip action; a difficult skill to achieve in five days.

The celebrities did a great job this week and, in my opinion, the judges and the leader board were spot on, however Constance Hal and partner Gustavo’s Samba were the only exception.

Samba requires bounce action, softening through the knees and using the balls of your feet.

Constance was a little hard through her movements and flat-footed through the entire number.

The judges praised her for a great performance but I think she could have been ranked lower.

My favourite performance was Michelle Bridges and Aric’s paso doble.

It was electrifying and showed the true essence of the dance.

Michelle was absolutely living her performance and loving every minute.

She has shown the most improvement from the beginning of the season.

Michelle came into the competition with raised shoulders and stiff movements and now we see her with strong posture and fluid leg movement.

I think this week’s elimination was very much expected.

Cass Thorburn has struggled every week with the nuances of each dance style and last night’s cha cha was no exception.

Her celebrity peers have taken to dancing more quickly in most cases, which must have been difficult for her to keep up with.

We need to remember that for most people, having the confidence to simply take a dance class is challenging let alone performing a dance number on national television.

For that and much more, good on you Cass.