Road trauma concerns Tatura community

By Shepparton News

Members of the Tatura community have gathered to express their concern for the high number of recent fatal road collisions in the Tatura area.

The forum, hosted by Victoria police, saw about 30 Tatura residents soaking up statistics and discussing the reality of road trauma and its ripple effect — particularly on a small community.

Acting Senior Sergeant David Gillespie began the forum by welcoming those in attendance and outlining the worrying circumstances facing the small town.

He then went on to compare statistics and assure residents that Victoria police was putting actions in place to stop the number of fatalities from rising.

As a follow-on, those in attendance were invited to raise safety concerns in the area and ask any questions to the Acting senior sergeant himself.

Attendees were also informed of services and support that was available to those who had been affected by the recent road fatalities.