Rich River

By Riverine Herald

Rich River

ONCE again the Rich River Croquet Club had a good turnout for golf croquet last Thursday with 16 members playing doubles.

It was a close result with four players winning all three of their games.

Helen Brierley was the clear winner with a +9 aggregate score, and Russell Smyth and Carol Borella tied for second, both with +7.

Marg Napier was close with +6.

Hoops in one were scored by Bev Floyd and Annette Cumming.

Tuesday saw nine people play singles with one game of three.

Russell Smyth was the winner with three games, and Graham Richards came second with two wins and a tie.

Hoops in one were scored by Cheryl Lees and Shirley Johnson.

Echuca Moama Croquet Club

THIS week has been lovely weather and fantastic croquet at our club.

We have a lot of fun and friendly competition.

On Friday four members got together and played doubles with a new member Elayne Pickthall taking the win and Jeff Pumpa was runner-up.

On Monday a great roll up of members with 15 involved in the play.

We played doubles and singles and a triples game as well.

Lots of tough competitive games with another new member Jill Graham taking the Lets Do Coffee voucher.

And Vince Jessen our club captain was the runner-up.

We also had a Bunnings barbecue fundraiser on Saturday.

Always hard work but a good fundraiser.

Thanks to all members who helped.