Top 10 make the cut for state

By Riverine Herald

SOME OF Echuca-Moama’s best netballers have made the cut to represent the North Central Netball Region.

Heading to Shepparton to compete for the state title, the announcement came recently that no less than 10 of Echuca District Netball Association’s twin town locals will represent their region.

In the under-17s squad, Allannah Gilmore, Bridget Byrne, Claudia Mawson and Meg Eishold will be coached by Janelle Hobbs of the Bendigo Football Netball League. Assistant coach will be EDNA’s own Rose Buckley.

In the under-15s, Chloe Stone, Claire Byrne, Kasey Condor, Tayla Wagner and coach Betty McCoomb will represent EDNA, with assistant coach Vanessa Saunders from the Castlemaine and District Netball Association.

The Netball Victoria State Titles will be held on October 6-7.

Spaces on the rep sides were fought for by more than 150 promising netballers who trialled for a position.

The draws for this week’s Saturday and night competitions have been released.

The Saturday competition is as follows:

The 10am games in the Go section, followed by the umpires.

Duty team: Mangos. Court six: Apples v Bananas, Aisha Railton, Gabby McMahon; court seven: Oranges v Strawberries, Kyan Hall, Georgia Weier; court eight: Passionfruit v Peaches, Rose Duddy, Milli D’Angri; court nine: Pineapples v Grapes, Violet Thomas, Tasha Lear; court 10: Pears v Mangos, Cordelia Fry-Smith, Matilda Cooke.

11.30am gold section games: Duty team: Puma. Court one: Nike v Adidas, Genevieve McLindon, Renee Gould; court two: Reebok v Converse, Annie Byrne, Pheobe Thomas. Bye: Puma.

Navy section: Duty team: Firebirds. Court six: Swifts v Vixens, Bethany Bulmer, Hannah Norman; court seven: Kestrels v Firebirds, Steph Buckley, Chelsea Prout.

1.30pm games, umpires: Court one: S1 Mixtures v Chickybabes, Matilda Fulton, Bethany Bulmer; court six: S3 Rockettes v Gelatos, Sarah Porter, Steph Buckley; court seven: S2 Dream Crushers v Dalmations, Rachel Thorpe, Georgia Mathews.

2.30pm games: Court one: S3 Lil Chicks v Black Panthers, Sarah Porter, Georgia Mathews; court six: S1 Hotshots v Tigers, Rachel Thorpe, Matilda Fulton; court seven: S2 Mighty Ducks v Jazzy Jades, Lily Hindson, Steph Buckley. Bye: Divas.

The night competition draw is as follows:

Tuesday from 6.30pm, umpires: Court one: S1/2 Happy Hippos v Benchwarmers, Rachel Thorpe, Tiah D’Angri; court six: S1/2 Victorious Secret v Funky Chicks, Jen Sullivan, Matilda Fulton.

7.30pm games: Court one: S1/2 JFF v Chickybabes, Jen Sullivan, Tiah D’Angri; court six: S1/2 Tigers v Wolfpack, Rachel Thorpe, Matilda Fulton.

Wednesday’s mixed competition, from 6.30pm: Court one: S3 The Flaming Llamas v High School Musical, Kaz Fuller, Bethany Bulmer; court two: S1/2 Phoenix v LBU Catters, Jen Sullivan, Claudia Mawson; court six: S3 Mixed Bits v Suacy Meat Pies, Kasey Conder, Amy Foster; court seven: S3 Terrible Tradies v Bradburys, Brenda Stenning, Rachel Thorpe. Emergency: Betty McCoomb.

7.30pm games: Court one: S1/2 Benchwarmers v Black Magic, Kaz Fuller, Claudia Mawson; court two: S3 Shake-A-Leg v High Impact, Kasey Conder, Rachel Thorpe; court six: S1/2 Infinesse Express v No Frills, Jen Sullivan, Brenda Stenning. Bye: Happy Hours.