Tongala kicked their way to 33-point loss

By Andrew Johnston

ONE THAT got away.

From an outside perspective, that’s the best way to describe what happened on Saturday to Tongala in the Murray Football League.

In a game that the Blues were a real chance of winning, and after opening the game with a strong start, it simply got away from them.

The Blues were only able to record three majors for the day in their 33-point loss to Katandra, and also kicked 12-behinds in a poor performance in front of goals.

Though the scoreboard doesn’t tell the full story — the Blues were reeling from the early stages of the second quarter after a number of players suffered injuries.

Though the Blues won’t be seen as unlucky, nor as making excuses for the way they performed during the game.

‘‘We were beaten by a far better side on the day,’’ coach Jordan Souter said.

‘‘A couple of things didn’t go our way, but that happens in football, you can’t always have things go your way.

‘‘When it gets tough for you, you have to respond. And we didn’t respond in the way we would have liked to and were beaten as a result.’’

Souter said his team let themselves down in the early stages of the match.

‘‘We had a lot of the football in the early stages of the game,’’ he said.

‘‘When you are in that position you really need to take your opportunities, and we didn’t take them.

‘‘We weren’t using the football well at all in those stages of the game. It’s something that if you don’t do well will come back and bite you in the long run.’’

With their season effectively over, the Blues will turn their attentions this week to Congupna.

But the Blues will not change much.

‘‘I don’t think we will be going too hard on the track this week,’’ he said.

‘‘We will be focusing on getting our players right and making sure we were as fit as possible for the last few games that we have this season.

‘‘The year isn’t over, we still have a couple of games and we still have some opportunities to get some results and make an impact on the season as we look towards next year.’’