Rich River golf

By Riverine Herald

Rich River


Tuesday, January 1

The new year saw some fantastic results with Mick Graham winning A grade on countback from Peter Quanchi who shot 66 off the stick.

David O’Dea blew the field away to win B grade.

A total of 114 golfers played the east course with 40 stableford points on countback winning a voucher.

A grade: 1st: Mick Graham (42 C/B), 2nd: Peter Quanchi (42 C/B), 3rd: Bernard O’Hare (42 C/B).

B grade: 1st: David O’Dea (45), 2nd: Tommy Jones (42 C/B), 3rd: John Paterson (42 C/B).

NTPs: 3rd – Rowan Hill, Craig Bessell & Fred Steenbuck. 8th – Darren Burr, David O’Dea & John Paterson. 13th – Haydon Murdoch, Keith Jenkinson & Jeff Owen. 16th – Shane Mills, Keith Jenkinson & John Fairservice.

Eagles: 11th – Jock Watson.

Super-pin: Darren Burr ($99).

Thursday, January 3

Gregory Brierley produced the round of the day scoring +8 to take out C grade.

Aaron Loader won A grade with a fine round just pipping Mick Graham who continued his great form from Tuesday.

Roman Lewandowski wound back the clock to take out B grade on countback from Brett Morton.

A group of 151 golfers played the east course par competition with +3 points on a countback winning a voucher.

A grade: 1st: Aaron Loader (+6), 2nd: Mick Graham (+5), 3rd: Stephen Presser (+4 C/B).

B grade: 1st: Roman Lewandowski (+7 C/B), 2nd: Brett Morton (+7), 3rd: Trevor Mellington (+6).

C grade: 1st: Gregory Brierley (+8), 2nd: Bruce Rasmussen (+6), 3rd: Paul James (+5 C/B).

NTPs: 3rd – Wayne Sperling & Nug Lister. 8th – David Morgan, Brett Morton & Les Hinton. 13th – Stephen Edwards, Stephen Moss & Kevin Segota. 16th –. Brian O’Neill, Gerry Allen & Kevin Segota.

Super-pin: David Morgan ($137).

Saturday, January 5

The clubrooms were buzzing with excitement on Saturday as some golfers visualised themselves with the coveted privilege cup.

In one of the final rounds of the afternoon Chris Day crushed the dreams of a few with an astounding 45 stableford points to win B grade.

Chris Jennings won A grade and Jake Mills took the honours for C grade.

Rowan Hill was jumping for joy after sticking one close on the 16th but Mark Scholes won the super-pin on the 8th acquiring a third of his membership fees with one shot.

There were 206 golfers who played the east course with 35 points on a countback winning a voucher.

Privilege Cup: Chris Day.

A grade: 1st: Chris Jennings (38), 2nd: Jock Watson (37 C/B), 3rd: Stephen Morgan (37 C/B).

B grade: 1st: Chris Day (45), 2nd: Peter Gough (42), 3rd: Harley Williams (40 C/B).

C grade: 1st: Jake Mills (41), 2nd: Rob Merlo (40), 3rd: Colin Short (38 C/B).

NTPs: 3rd – Mark Scholes, Harley Williams & Potsie Webber. 8th – Mark Scholes, Thomas Flinn & Kevin Segota. 13th – Rod Sargent, Paul Niebling & Alan Guy. 16th – Rowan Hill, Daryl Brown & Rob Merlo.

Super-pin: Mark Scholes ($192).


Wednesday, January 9

A total of 77 players contested a stableford round on the east course on Wednesday.

Perfect weather and the fine condition of the course resulted in several high scores.

A grade: 1st: Marg Mould won convincingly with an outstanding 45 points, 2nd: Liz Easther (38), 3rd: Marg Young (37 C/B).

B grade: 1st: Alison McKiterick (38), 2nd: Roseanne Sharp (37), 3rd: Marg Peat (36 C/B).

C grade: 1st: Marilyn Robins (39), 2nd: Suzan Hutton (38), 3rd: Lorraine Bowman (36).

NTPs: 16th: A — Lyn Kingston, B — Joy Adams, C — Marilyn Morrell.

Super-pin: Barb Sands (8th).

Second shot: Susan Hall (13th).

The run down went to 35 on a countback.

A nine hole round was also played on Wednesday.

Results: 1st: Fran Murphy (18), 2nd: Lesley Mitchell (17), 3rd: Lyn Bailey (13).

Saturday, January 5

A full field of ladies played the east course on Saturday.

Some excellent stableford results were recorded.

Results: 1st: Colleen Lynch posted a fine 40 points to win the day, 2nd: Dale Haw (39), 3rd: Sue Jenkinson (38).

NTPs: 16th: Div 1 — Bernie Smith, Div 2 — Cheryl Watson drove a long and accurate shot to be very close by.

Super-pin: Lyn James (8th).

The rundown went to 31 on a countback.

Monday, January 7

A nine hole stableford round was played on the east’s front nine on Monday.

Forty-one ladies took part with the rundown going to 17 on a countback.

Division 1: 1st: Raylene Knight (21), 2nd: Toni Holmes (20 C/B), 3rd: Marg O’Brien (20).

A threeway countback determined the places in Division 2.

Division 2: 1st: Marg Holmfield (19 C/B), 2nd: Lesley Mitchell (19), 3rd: Marilyn Robins (19).

NTPs: 3rd: Div 1 — Colleen Armstrong (1st shot), Div 2 — Cheryl Watson (2nd shot).

The Rich River ladies Sunday pennant team performed well this week in the first round of the GMGA summer 4BBB competition.

The winter pennant premiers, Rich River Rockettes, won two and a half to a half defeating newcomers Hill Top.