‘Encouraging to receive votes’

By Tatura Guardian

Despite running a limited campaign due to personal circumstances, Greens candidate Nickee Freeman was pleased to receive more than 3.5 per cent of the primary vote.

The Tatura resident had a 0.77per cent swing against her from the 2016 federal election, when Ian Christoe represented the Greens.

Ms Freeman, also a candidate for the party at last year’s state election, admitted ‘‘you reap what you sow and I didn’t sow a great deal’’.

‘‘Despite my inability to run a campaign I would have felt proud of, I thought it was important to see the Greens represented on the ballot,’’ Ms Freeman said.

‘‘It was encouraging to see we did receive votes, so it shows there is still a groundswell there.

‘‘Our challenge going forward going is to build that movement.

‘‘For the Greens in this area, we need to do a lot of work to bring the branch members together in between elections.’’

Ms Freeman described the overall election result as disappointing.

‘‘I would have liked to see more seats won by people that have shown care for the future, particularly when it comes to climate change and making the kind of world we feel good about giving for future generations,’’ she said.

Ms Freeman did not rule out running for election again in future.