Merrigum golf

By Tatura Guardian

The main event at Merrigum on Saturday was the Greenwood Memorial mixed Canadian, while for those men without a partner for the mixed, the event was stroke.

There was a good turnout for both events and the competition was keen for the mixed event in particular.

Rhonda Eberle and Ash Sanders were the winners of the Greenwood Memorial with a round of 93-25-68.

They did have to survive a countback with an unlucky Clare Doherty and Frank Leyden to achieve that honour however, after Clare and Frank scored 98-30-68. While Rhonda and Ash will now have their names inscribed on an impressive perpetual trophy, the runners-up had to settle for a ball in the ball competition. In the men’s event Bruce Brown returned to form and won with a round of 82-12-70. Bruce’s form has been a little erratic over recent times so he will be hoping this is some sort of renaissance for his golfing career. Tony Borrelli is one who doesn’t have many form swings like the rest of us and was the runner-up and ball winner in the men’s event with a score of 91-19-72. Tony was also the chook shed challenge winner with 10 points for the four holes. Nearest-the-pin winners were John Fuller on the ninth and Bill Bray on the jackpot twelfth.

This coming Saturday’s event is one of the captain’s favourites, string golf. Each player will start with a length of string that equates to their handicap. They can then choose where to use it, cutting off a length equal to the distance the ball is from the hole instead of using a putt, and counting only the shots played with a club. You could also use a length of it to get out from behind a tree. It can be a game of tactics as well as skill — there is little point in using all your string to put the ball in the hole from a long distance. Equally, you don’t want a great length of string left over either.