Land developers new standards manual

By Robert Muir

Minimum standards for roads, kerb and gutter, stormwater, footpaths, water mains, sewerage mains, pump stations, signage and landscaping required of land developers have been prepared.

Federation Council’s draft Engineering Guidelines for Subdivisions and Engineering Standards Manual has been prepared by consultants and reviewed by council’s engineering staff.

It is on public exhibition for 28 days from February 22, inviting comments from the community before council considers formal adoption of the manual.

Both Corowa and Urana councils had Engineering Development Guidelines for construction of infrastructure within subdivisions. The documents were very similar.

Federation Council engaged consultants in 2018 to prepare a new manual. 

“Council’s engineering staff made alterations to better meet the needs of communities with the Federation Council area,” acting director infrastructure and environment Steve Carmichael said at council’s monthly meeting on February 19.

“The manual allows for alternative solutions where the developer can demonstrate the solution provides a better long term outcome to the community.”