Lions strong effort against United

By Yarrawonga Chronicle


Mulwala 3.3 4.6 7.11 11.13 79

Echuca United 4.7 8.8 10.10 14.11 95

Goals: Mulwala: Adam Rouel 3, Beau Clarke 2, Harrison Crossley 2, Sean Robinson 2, Lachlan Davis 1, Dylan Flanagan 1.

Echuca United: Joshua Mellington 6, Dean Moon 2, Ben Fulford 2, Rowan Priest 2, Peter Quanchi 1, Billy Barnes 1.

Best: Mulwala: Jackson Gash, Glenn Dominick, Liam Russell, Hamish Hosking, Lachlan Davis, Adam Rouel.

Echuca United: Charlie McLay, Lachlan Carmody, Billy Barnes, Jordan Florance, Dean Moon, Peter Quanchi.

Mulwala will once again be disappointed to fall just short of the league’s best, losing by 16 points to Echuca. 

Sean Robinson gave Mulwala the perfect start with a classy goal and in the absence of forward Dylan McNamara, Mulwala were going to have to find new avenues to goal. 

Echuca soon found their groove and slammed on a couple of goals before Dizza Flanagan went bang from 60 meters with a sensational torpedo that cleared the line for a goal. 

Lach Davis was once again in the thick of the action and took several strong marks to add to his run on the outside. 

A late Echuca goal put them 9 points clear at the first change. 

Echuca managed to control the game during the second quarter even though the dynamic duo of Jackson Gash and Hamish Hosking controlled the stoppages. 

Echuca had Mulwala covered on the outside however and managed to kick easy goals, whilst Mulwala battled hard for theirs. 

Four goals to one for the quarter was enough to open up a handy lead at the main break. 

It was goal for goal after half time, with Mulwala always a chance of pinching the win. 

Adam Rouel was terrific, kicking 3 for the game as Harry Crossley returned to form with a brilliant game across half forward. 

Beau Clarke was dangerous when moved forward and looked the most capable of dragging Mulwala over the line. 

One final surge in the last quarter reduced Echuca’s margin to under 2 goals but unfortunately for Mulwala that was as close as they got. 

Glenn Dominick was superb down back all day and was well supported by Damien Cook and Tim Doyle. Jackson Gash led from the front and was no doubt Mulwala’s best player whilst Jakey Bland looked like he belonged in his first senior game. 

This week Mulwala will take on Cobram over there in what will be another milestone game with the popular Damien Cook set to play his 100th senior game for Mulwala. 


Mulwala 1.3.9 defeated by Echuca United 18.14.122. 

Mulwala went down by 100 points to Echuca. With the game in the balance for the opening 2 minutes, Mulwala looked a chance to take a big scalp. 

It wasn’t to be however, as Echuca kicked 19 of the next 20 goals, to win comfortably on Mulwala’s home deck. 

As the seniors continued to take the two’s best players, the boys who were left did everything they could to match the top of the table Echuca but ultimately they were far too strong, young and talented. 

Josh Bozola put any thought of retirement to bed with a best on ground performance. 

His tenacity, courage and skill were no doubt a highlight, although he did have plenty of opportunities as he was playing in the backline where the ball spent most of the game. 

Dylan Leadingham backed up last week’s game with another beauty and looks to becoming the player he has always told everyone he would be. 

Sam Willett was another youngster who showed real grit and fought for every possession. 

Wade Dennis has improved every game and now looks settled in the midfield. 

Andy Miller was perhaps the only player on the ground for Mulwala who won his position. 

His efforts in the ruck and up forward were a mix of class and good, old fashioned work rate. 

His dominant display during the third quarter led to Mulwala’s only goal as he continued to charge in even though the result was gone. 

Mulwala’s goal highlighted another young emerging star in Beau Nixon. 

The young bull looks full of potential and his bone crunching tackle was uplifting as he won the ball back to allow Nye to slot through the goal on his left. 

Lastly, thank the stars that Corey Lindsay plays for Mulwala, as there is no way the Lions would want to compete against his sheer will to win the ball regardless of his own health or hear the absolute dribble that he speaks to his opponents every week.

Goals: Mulwala: Cam Nye 1.

Echuca United: Anthony McMahon 8, Andrew Pryde 4, Sam Simpson 2, Tehumarie Callander 2, Kyle Armstrong 1, Jack Ogilvie 1.

Best: Mulwala: Christopher O’Neill, Corey Lindsay, Andrew Miller, Charlie Magro, Lachlan Orr, Jake Savy.

Echuca United: Dean Haydon, Anthony McMahon, Mitchell Lourey, James Deighton, Tehumarie Callander, Ashley Carmody.


Mulwala 3.2.20 defeated by Echuca United 13.10.88.

Goals: Mulwala: Kyle Abikhair 1, Daniel Psaltiras 1, Sam Davis 1.

Echuca United: Jack Jansen 7, Jesse Garner 2, Tom Holmes 2, Mason Coote 1, Ned
Osborne 1.

Best: Mulwala: Zach Scott, Brock Conway, Kyle Abikhair, Joshua Spain , Isaac Pitches, Reece Norman.

Echuca United: Jack Jansen, Kynan Sharpe-Long, Jordan Lloyd, Ned Osborne, Tom Holmes, Jaidyn Talbot.

No report submitted. 


Mulwala 0.0.0 defeated by Echuca United 17.19.121.

Goals: Echuca United: Bryce Barnstable 7, Oliver Poole 4, Noah Schmedje 4, Samuel Fisher 2.

Best: Mulwala: Zackary Oliver, Jack Walls, Jaxen Wheeler, Josh Eder, Dillon Kirchen, Tyler Jones.

Echuca United: Bryce Barnstable, Oliver Poole, Nash Ramage, Samuel Fisher, Hunter Dixon, Sampson Chapman.

No report submitted.