Top tips to build at home chicken coop

By Jessica Ball

Maybe you could not find eggs at the supermarket, maybe you panic bought chickens or maybe you are simply looking for a DIY project to keep yourself busy.

Whatever the way, you have arrived at that stage of isolation where you have decided to build a chicken coop.

Before you head out to buy supplies take a little advice from Mooroopna Hardware's trade manager Jarrod Dempster.

1. Choose a treated pine timber. If you are going large Mr Dempster recommends a thicker cut and if you want a head start on the project, Mooroopna Hardware will even cut the timber to size for you.

2. Select your wire carefully. If your happy hens are going to live in the backyard a lighter gauge wire will be fine, but if they are on a farm or any property where there is a risk of foxes a heavy gauge wire is the best choice.

3. Use U-shaped nails to keep the wire in place.

4. A nesting box is a great addition to any chicken coop and can easily be built from Formply.

6. Adding a door will make it simpler to look after your feathered friends. Mr Dempster suggested using a similar type of a timber to the rest of the project and you could even create a steel frame.

7. To keep your chickens protected from the elements use corrugated iron to build a roof and make sure you screw it down.

8. Tools down does not mean your coop is complete. Make sure you make your chickens comfortable by adding pea straw or sugar cane mulch.

9. Good food means good layers. Mr Dempster said Mooroopna Hardware also stocked a range of chicken feed to help keep the hens healthy and strong.