Numurkah petition calls for RV-friendly status

By James Bennett

A trial period to make Numurkah an RV Friendly Town is on the cards after Moira Shire Council voted to review its recreational vehicle strategy.

A petition was submitted to the council calling for a reinstatement of the RV Friendly Town status, which it is believed would benefit the town when COVID-19 lockdowns come to an end.

Although no motion was moved at the council's July 22 meeting to introduce a trial period, some councillors did support one.

Cr Marie Martin said Moira Shire's RV strategy was passed four years ago.

She said the declaration of Numurkah as an RV Friendly Town would not aim to draw people away from business such as caravan parks but rather enhance all of Numurkah's businesses.

“Personally I think one thing we have to make clear in people's mind is just what RV Friendly means,” she said.

Cr Kevin Bourke said the council would need to be careful that an RV Friendly Town status was not "adversely affecting" local accommodation businesses.

“We've also got to be very careful too that we're not asking our current section 86 (committees of management), which will transpose to be de facto caravan park operators,” he said.

“Like their volunteers, they do a tremendous job for us at the moment with our recreational reserve and our other facilities.

“I think we have got to be very careful that we're not going to impose a tremendous burden on those volunteers; it's a trial, yes, but we'll look at it down the track.”

Cr Wendy Buck said there had been discussions on a Numurkah Facebook page regarding introducing the RV Friendly Town status.

“There were over 20 RV and caravans spotted at Wunghnu last week, which shows how many are travelling through and that people are noticing and counting,” she said.

“What was coming up on the Facebook page was that Numurkah is missing out on a lot of this business because it's easy to park at Wunghnu and get through there.

“If businesses are thinking they're missing out, we (council) need to address this and see what we can do.”

Cr John Beitzel said the council would need to find a suitable site but stressed it would only be a trial period before the council could make further decisions.

Cr Martin said it would be logical to start reviewing the strategy and that Numurkah be first on the list before "embarking on a shire-wide review".

“It could be a pilot study,” Cr Martin said.

“We'd have to work out . . . measuring its success and potential application to other towns.”