Planting for the future

By Morgan Dyer

They say a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone.

And that is what Cobram Secondary College students told their teachers when they came to class with dirt under their fingernails and on their faces last week.

In honour of National Tree Day, Year 9 and 10 agriculture students spent the afternoon planting native trees, shrubs and ground covers to create a garden around one of the school’s entrances.

College principal Kimberley Tempest said it was great to see students learning about the importance of conserving, enhancing and re-establishing native vegetation at the school.

“This is real-life learning at its best . . . students seeing the practical application of their learning,” she said.

Moira Shire Council donated $250 worth of plants for students to use so they could change the school's future environmental outlook.

Cobram’s Sun Country Turf's James Sim and William Gorman joined in on the fun and gave students top tips on planting and maintaining the new garden.

National Tree Day is held annually by environmental foundation Planet Ark and encourages Australians to plant in their backyard or gardens to help make a difference to the environment and connect people with nature.

This year the traditional group planting events had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 but Planet Ark encouraged individuals to plant trees on Sunday, August 2.

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