Councillor pay increase push

By Robert Muir

Federation Council wants councillors in geographical councils which may not have a 20,000 population to be “adequately compensated” by the State Government.

Council wants the NSW State Government to determine new categories to reflect Local Government councils of a size that is between the current rural, regional-rural status to enable the increased pay for those councillors.

The subject will be raised at the LGNSW Annual Conference from October 14 to 16 in Sydney.

According to the 2016 census figures, Federation Council’s area of 5,685sqkm had a population of 12,277 people.

In his report tabled at yesterday’s monthly meeting, in Urana, Federation Council General Manager Adrian Butler recommended the State Government engage with councils and prepare new, increased remuneration thresholds for all councils “to more adequately reflect the workload, training and increased representation demanded of councils, especially those in merged councils”.

Council will seek a State Government commitment to working with NSW councils to progress waste to energy proposals.

A more strategic approach to approving large scale solar farms and their impact on farm land to be more adequately considered, especially irrigated land, will be sought.

More flexible water management legislation should be enacted to allow temporary transfer of water according to council - in particular water on farms that sits under Lakes (Private farmland), where the water does not have current allocations/licensing and it is within the same water source.

Council wants the State Government to accelerate the Crown Land Review Program and allow a more efficient process for transfer of current Crown Land to freehold land.

The State Government should engage with Local Government, relevant State Government regulatory Agencies, and educational agencies such as NSW Tafe and other non-Government registered training organisations, to develop an accredited qualification for the management of Trade-waste according to council.

Council wants the State Government engage with Local Government and relevant State Government Agencies, and industry representatives, to develop a strategy to strengthen end point disposal solutions for trade-waste, especially in regional and rural NSW.

Among other issues to be again raised by Federation Council will be the State Government to committing to a 100% re-investment of the waste levy collected each year into waste minimization, recycling and resource recovery.