Resident awakes to house fire

By Corowa Free Press

A Corowa resident awoke with a fright in the early hours of Monday morning to their smoke alarm, as aggressive fire and smoke permeated throughout the house.

In the early hours of Monday morning, Fire & Rescue NSW 268 Station Corowa were called to the local address to fight the house fire.

A crew in breathing apparatus quickly attacked the fire and a second crew promptly searched the house to ensure nobody else was inside.

The owner quickly called 000 and firefighters were quick enough to contain the fire to only one room.

Fire and Rescue NSW Corowa station commander Lindsay Bush said that there was significant fire destruction to the back room and smoke had caused damage throughout the house.

The occupant explained to firefighters that he was awoken by a smoke alarm.

He also explained that the power had gone out and his house was full of smoke making it more difficult to find his way out.

The heat melted the smoke detectors and Mr Bush said that it’s a great example of how working smoke alarms can save lives.

“Everybody needs to make sure they’ve had their smoke detectors regularly tested to ensure that they are working, because it really can save your life,” he said.