Amber’s inspiring Deni tour

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Country music star Amber Lawrence is hopeful her visit to Deniliquin on the weekend has inspired young people to chase their dreams.

Lawrence was quite busy on her trip to Deni, running a music workshop at the Deniliquin High School on Friday afternoon.

The local students performed Lawrence’s new single ‘Outrageous’ from the Spark album, with Lawrence playing the song alongside them.

On Friday night Lawrence performed live with bass guitarist Simon Johnson at the Deniliquin Club for Muso Night.

Also performing on the night was local band Ruby Saltbush and Arna Georgia, with the latter also helping out with the workshop at the high school.

Lawrence backed up Friday night’s performance with a free children’s concert at the South West Music Regional Conservatorium on Saturday afternoon.

When speaking with the Pastoral Times on Friday, Lawrence said the workshop wasn’t just about music, but to give advice on tackling life’s difficulties.

‘‘I think it’s great to see a lot of kids come up and see musos living their dream,’’ she said.

‘‘We both told the students of the hurdles and struggles we’ve had to go through to get to where we are though.

‘‘Arna told the students there’s a lot of hard times and spoke about performances where her dad was the only person in the crowd and earning $6 for a day of busking.

‘‘I, myself, was rejected three times for the Road to Tamworth competition before I made it to the final (in 2005).

‘‘The message we wanted to send was that you need to have resilience in life and that the most important part of working in the music is having fun.’’

Fun was the theme on Saturday, when Lawrence treated local children to a performance of songs from her children’s album ‘The Kid’s Gone Country’, with all the young ones getting up to dance and sing along.

‘‘I love the kids shows,’’ Lawrence said.

‘‘It’s just pure fun and there’s no better feeling than making kids love music the way I do.

‘‘I love coming to Deni. Obviously playing the Ute Muster has been a highlight for me and I’ve been lucky enough to play there five times.

‘‘There’s a strong music culture in the town and while I’m not playing at the Muster this year I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit with my new album coming out.’’