Dyson take over school bus route

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The mantle of transporting our most precious cargo has changed hands, with Dyson Group taking over the school bus run from Purtills in 2019.

Keith Purtill started his first school bus run service in 1951 and Dyson Group continues the tradition today, operating up to 40 bus services each day across most of the Riverina.

Acting Deniliquin depot manager Evan Maidment said while the buses may look a little different to the students, with new branding, little else has changed when it comes to the bus runs.

‘‘The buses will run at the same times, and along the same routes; that will not change,’’ Mr Maidment said.

‘‘Families can be assured that they will see the same faces they have always dealt with. Gail Gray and Sue Horneman will continue to be the customer contacts for the service, having come across to Dyson Group from Purtills to ensure continuity of the service.

‘‘A dedicated team of drivers and support staff help make sure more than 1500 children are delivered safely to and from school each day, including in Deniliquin and district and the Southern Riverina.’’
Mrs Gray, who is operations coordinator, said all children using Dyson Group school buses must have a NSW Transport approved bus pass.

‘‘The applications are done online (at, but anyone with any queries about the form can contact us at the McCrabb Rd depot,’’ Mrs Gray said.

‘‘If you don’t have access to the internet, you should call Transport NSW on 131 500 to arrange your bus pass.

‘‘You must apply for a pass in 2020 if you are a new student travelling to a local school or if you have changed schools, including transition to high school. You must also reapply for a bus pass if you are going in to Year 3, or if you have changed your address since you received your last bus pass.’’

Once your application has been approved, you need to contact Dyson Group’s Deniliquin depot on 5881 1333 to confirm your route, allocated pick up and drop off point and pick up time.

To be eligible for free school travel, students may need to live a minimum distance from their school. More information on eligibility is available in a brochure, available from the Deniliquin depot.

In addition to ensuring the vehicles are safe for the road, Dyson Group has a Student Code of Behaviour policy to ensure its passengers also remain safe.

Supported by each of the schools in the district, the code requires principals and students to sign a contract promising to abide by certain rules and requirements.

It includes agreeing to show respect for the bus, fellow students and the driver during each trip to and from school.

If the rules are breached, students may be suspended from riding on the school bus.