Get the correct fit for your school shoes

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

School shoes are one of those back to school items that can not be ignored.

From the classroom to the playground, school shoes should keep active, growing feet comfortable and well supported.

The staff at Kazmar Shoes in Deniliquin make sure your child has the best school shoe possible.

‘‘We have trained staff to measure and fit each foot correctly,’’ Kazmar manager Karen Butcher said.

‘‘It’s very important that children wear correct fitting shoes because they are in them all day, every day.’’

Correctly fitted school shoes not only offer improved comfort but will support your child’s feet during their critical growth phase.

Shoes do not have to be expensive to be good, but they do have to fit well, offer support and be durable enough to make sure they don’t wear out before your child grows out of them.

‘‘We have shoes to cover every stage of schooling, from primary school right through to high school,’’ Karen said.

‘‘For kids just starting out in primary school we have little black joggers, lace-up or velcro shoes for the boys, and for the girls there are T-bars, Mary-Janes or lace-up options.’’

All Deniliquin High School students are required to wear black leather lace-up shoes.

Give Karen a call on 5881 2307 or drop in and see he team at 39 Napier St, Deniliquin.