Happy hen is secret to good eggs

By Daniel Hughes

Quality eggs are available in Deniliquin thanks to the efforts of a district farm.

It says the treatment of its hens is the secret to a good goog.

The company 12 Good Eggs is operated on a property between Barham and Moulamein by Kate Redfearn, who bought it about six years ago.

‘‘Deniliquin has been one of our most popular distribution areas,’’ Ms Redfearn said. Her eggs are available at Central IGA.

‘‘We provide comfortable mobile homes for our hens to sleep and lay eggs. 

‘‘We have a high standard for our animal ethics, our hens are never contained and have the freedom to roam as they please, so we call our eggs ‘paddock eggs’.

‘‘We also use 100 per cent natural feed which makes the eggs tastier.’’

Recent rain has also been a bonus on the egg farm.

‘‘In recent years our paddocks have been a dust bowl, but it makes me happy to be out there with the rain coming down now.

‘‘The hens love it as well. They love running around in the mud and floating around on the water. When it rains some of them play in it while others might seek shelter.’’

● More details on 12 Good Eggs will appear in the June edition of Farm Talk magazine, which will be available locally at the end of this week.