Club gets more support

By Jamie Lowe

After two years of operating with the three person committee, Golden Rivers Deniliquin RSL Boxing Club has gained five new members to help out.

Roy Lynn, Heather Rose and Danny Barnes were joined by Jake McArdle, Rani Briggs, Renee Skinner, Lenny Johnstone and Michelle Whitfield at the latest meeting.

Lynn, who is the club’s president and head trainer, said he was thrilled with the response from his community callout.

‘‘A couple of weeks ago we reopened the gym and made it clear that we needed support,’’ he said.

‘‘It seemed to have worked for the time being, but hopefully we have the new members continue attending the meetings and have even more people join us at our next meeting.

‘‘At our meeting we discussed financial statements, getting heaters for the gym, raising funds and the cost of running boxing tournaments.

‘‘We’re also looking at getting more coaches, so if you’re interested please let us know.

‘‘Potential coaches will need to be vetted. You will need to be reliable, conscientious and be able to treat people with respect.

‘‘Anyone can do it, but a boxing background would be preferred.’’

If you would like to join the committee or help out with coaching, phone Heather Rose on 0400th343th758.