Winter comp called off

By Jamie Lowe

The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed yet another sport as its victim, with the Deniliquin Netball Association winter competition cancelled for 2020.

The committee made the tough decision last week after a disrupted start to the season.

President Janet Manzin said the decision was not taken lightly.

‘‘With all the restrictions and mandatory conditions to run the competition, we decided it was best to just call off the season,’’ she said.

‘‘We would need so much more help from volunteers, and on short notice it is too difficult to organise this and too big of a burden to put on everyone.

‘‘The rep season was already cancelled.

‘‘The number of spectators would be significantly lower and the sanitising of equipment like balls and pads would mean we need all hands on deck.

‘‘We also made the decision to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of everyone, as the uncertainty and changing nature surrounding Coronavirus is just too risky.

‘‘We also didn’t feel it was fair to have people pay registration fees to sign up with Netball Victoria without being able to get a full season in.’’

Manzin said DNA is hopeful that restrictions will be lifted in time to allow for the annual spring competition to go ahead later in the year.

She said in order for this to happen, the committee will need a commitment from the community to help out.

‘‘In order to run the competition we will need more volunteers,’’ she said.

‘‘There are many restrictions and rules to follow, but if we can get everyone on board now we can have more confidence that a spring comp is a possibility.

‘‘We’ll be aiming for that to start either September or October.’’

The spring competition will see DNA hold another season of Rock Up Netball, after a successful 2019 comp.

Rock Up Netball will see mixed and ladies competitions offered to those who want to play netball in a social and friendly environment.

DNA is also planning on holding its NetSetGO program for 2020.

This is a starter program for girls and boys aged five to 10, with Manzin saying it has helped DNA introduce netball to many young people.

‘‘NetSetGO gives children a chance to learn the netball basics, get outside and make some friends,’’ she said.

‘‘We will run this year’s NetSetGO in conjunction with the spring comp.

‘‘It’s important for kids to get out and be active, so we want to be able to offer them the chance to do so.’’

To volunteer or for more information about the spring competition, email [email protected] or phone Manzin on 0458 057 139.