Back to back for Mac Attack

By Jamie Lowe

Mac Attack went back-to-back on Thursday night, claiming the honours in round two of ‘basket-brawl’ in the headline-grabbing Rams’ Sporting Globe Competition.

The Rams footballers are taking to the Deni Stadium courts for a mixed sports intra-club challenge held over 10 weeks, in lieu of their footy season being cancelled.

There were plenty of new faces this week as Holobowski’s Hoods and Pitts’ Posse went on a mid-week recruiting drive after such poor showings in the opening round.

Last week’s two losers squared off in the opening game which was, surprisingly, an entertaining battle.

Jake ‘Chino’ Cavallaro (Posse) and Matt O’Connor (Hoods) each hit a three-pointer in the first half — the odds of this happening would have been 2000-1 on the tote (if you’ve seen these two take the court, you’ll know that’s no exaggeration).

Scores were locked 11-11 at half time but downtown bombs from Sam ‘Bardi’ Willoughby and skipper Jayden Pitts were probably the difference in the end, along with a 10-point match from best on court Anthony ‘AZ’ Zeilke. 

‘Daryl’ Braith Wade got the Hoods going late in the game with eight points but Pitts’ Posse held on to win 27-25.

The second match was tough and low scoring between Macs and the Tyn-Men, who were without their inspirational skipper Jack Tyndall who was at home nursing a sore cheek.

Tyn-Men’s Tom Druitt — after putting in a shocker the week before — was the star of the opening half, landing a long three-pointer and then finishing a fast break with a dunk.

But last week’s rebound ace Jake McManus again took control for Mac Attack under the basket with 10 points, finishing off the slick handy work of Judd Barnes’ passing.

Bailey Townsend surprised everyone with an ‘off the glass’ three-pointer in the second half but it wasn’t enough for Tyn-Men who went down fighting, 16 to 18.

In the 10 minute final, Macs called on their big game experience to take a 6-2 half time lead with Barnes the steadying influence.

The two Mac brothers — Lachie and Matt — put up a couple of air balls in the second half, but it didn’t matter as their side held their defensive nerve to triumph 7-2 in a tense final over Pitts’ Posse.

Barnes was named player of the night to collect the $30 Globe award.

Rams coach Sam Hall said it was good to see plenty of new faces at this week’s round, with strong numbers once again.

‘‘The boys know they have to play at least three rounds to get an invite to the traditional coach’s kegs to end the season, so I’m expecting a good spread of blokes over the 10 weeks.’’

Ladder: Mac Attack 8 points, Tyn-Men 5 (39 points for/32 against), Pitts Posse 5 (41 points for/58 against), Hoods 3.

This Thursday starts the two-week indoor cricket leg. New players and Rhinos scouts are welcome.