Glover gets kids to be creative for their health

By Alex Gretgrix

STUDENTS from Echuca Twin Rivers School were challenged to be creative as cartoonist and counsellor Matt Glover paid a visit recently.

He has been travelling throughout Victoria visiting primary and secondary schools to teach students and teachers the art of cartooning and illustration.

"With the younger kids we've been drawing monsters constructed out of shapes and then as the students get older we've been branching out to animals, but at the end of the session the kids have been coming up with their own characters," he said.

Matt has worked as a cartoonist and illustrator in a variety of fields including advertising, disability, adult education, mental health and for survivors of abuse.

When he's not drawing, he runs MGA Counselling Services in Melbourne, working with individuals, couples and families to help them achieve a full and abundant life.

Matt has made it his aim to not only teach children to be creative, but also about the added health benefits it brings.

"I want them to learn that drawing can be fun and it's good for you, but I also want them to have some confidence in their own creative abilities," he said.

"They need to know that they can create and they don't have to look like what I draw on the white board, these are their own creations and I want them to know they are creative people."

To help him on his mission, Matt has created a series of Shapes, Lines & Dots books, which teach children about creativity and wellbeing and how they work hand-in-hand.

To hire Matt for your school, contact him via his website