Finley High School send representative to ‘Secretary for a day’

By Southern Riverina News

Finley High School student Megan Marsden has spent the last two days having an input into education system development as part of a Department of Education program.

The 16 year-old was selected for the 'Secretary for a Day' program, which was held in Sydney on Monday and Tuesday.

Over the course of the two days, Megan took part in workshops and forum discussions, sharing her insights and experiences and connecting with like-minded students.

"A students voice is so important and in Sydney we’ll have the opportunity to voice what we think our schools need, especially for rural areas," Megan said before heading to Sydney on Sunday.

"The people making the big decisions often haven’t lived in these communities so I thought it would be a really important thing for someone like myself to go up there and voice their opinion of the Riverina."

Finley High School principal Jeff Ward said he is confident Megan will have provided some much needed education for those living in city communities. 

"[She's] certainly a student who’s very well deserving and an integral apart of the leadership and representation of all area’s of the school and region," he said.

"We're extremely proud of her and she has done the school community proud.

"She is the voice for our school and for the Riverina with a lot of students in Sydney having no idea what it’s like, so we’re hoping the trip has been most beneficial for Meg and those around her."

The program coincides with Education Week, which this year has the theme 'Every student, every voice’.