Tractor pull success

By Daniel Hughes

A record-breaking crowd made their way to the Finley Modified Tractor Pull on Saturday night.

More than 1100 people streamed through the gates for one of the biggest years ever, surpassing last year's crowd of 1000.

Visiting and local fans gathered to watch the best tractors from across Victoria and NSW revving down the main straight at the Finley Showgrounds.

There was non-stop action right from the start with the warm conditions and quality track — prepared by the local volunteers — helping many tractors reach a full 100m pull.

Finley Modified Tractor Pull committee secretary Paul Dundon said organisers are delighted with how successful the even ran.

‘‘We had fantastic weather, it cooled down just enough but was still nice and warm for a good evening out, competition was fierce with dozens of full pulls going non-stop all night.

‘‘It’s good for the community and for us as a committee because it means a night out that everyone can enjoy as a town.

‘‘Probably the most rewarding thing is getting the local people to support it and walk out the gate feeling happy, we filled the hill and had a lot of people enjoying all the food vendors and licensed area.

‘‘I haven't heard from anyone who went that they had a bad time, it was a good indication that we'll be going again next year.

‘‘We’d like to think this could become the biggest event in Finley,’’ Mr Dundon said.

The event featured a local winner with Berrigan's Joe Cottam victorious the open modified tractor pull class.

Although he was facing off without competition in his class, having not recorded a score in Finley for two years, he was happy to get one in the books.

“It was pretty easy to win when I didn't have to beat anyone else,” Mr Cottam said with a laugh.

“It was a fantastic night though, the crowd was amazing and very supportive.

“The first run didn't go so well, we had an electric problem so we went no where, went back and was able to fix it up then off she went for the second pull.”

This year the tractor pull continued last year's new format under a new format of the DownUnder Modified Tractor Pulling Association.

It meant that tractors were pulling from 5pm all through the night until 10.30pm.

Mr Dundon said it was a contributing factor to the success of the event as it meant constant pulling and a quicker evening for families.

‘‘With the new tractors and format of just non-stop it is a lot better than the old way.

‘‘It doesn’t draw out and spectators can have confidence of a night fully packed with action,’’ Mr Dundon said.

People started filling through the gates as early as 3pm in attempts to get the best seats in the house on the hill.

Spectators were also able to walk through the pits around the grounds, getting up close and personal with the drivers and their tractors.

Also in addition this year was the licensed bar in the sponsors marquee.

It was a perfect addition Mr Dundon said, who acknowledged the hard working and generous sponsors who made the event possible.

“Our sponsors were amazing this year and we're hoping that the success of this year will attract more so we can keep the event growing for the tractor pull circuit and our town.

“This year we added the licensed bar (to the sponsor marquee) as a way of saying thank you to the sponsors, it was another way we were able to make the event more enjoyable to those who support the event so well.”

Results from the weekend are as follows:

Limited Modified - Full Throttle, Flatstick, Dear Diff; Open Modified - Riverina Screamer; Super Modified - Wot Eva, $crap Value; Pro Stock (A) - Wicked Whitetail, Wolverine Deere 2; Pro Stock (B) - Major Kaboom; Mini Modified - Ruptured Duck 3, The General, Beats Workin; Outlaw Mini Modified - Tommy's Toy, Blown Income 2, Reloaded; Super Mini - Flamin Furious, Jaws; 2WD Truck - Chilli Town Thunder, Sudden Impact.