Preps are just getting started

By Vanessa Wiltshire

TWO weeks ago Foundation students at Heathcote Primary School celebrated their first 100 days of school.

Last week it was Holy Rosary’s turn.

Teacher Stephanie Slayter said she was enormously proud of her students and that it was "incredible" to see how far they’d come.

“The biggest achievement is that the kids are now setting their own learning goals,” Ms Slayter said.

“They can conceptualise what they want to achieve and take steps toward that. It’s the most rewarding thing about teaching, knowing that you made an impact early on.”

The McIvor Times caught up with four students to find out more. This is what they said:

Willow: “I love to write. We write a lot at school. I also love playing with my friends and recess.”

Harper: “I’m most proud of having friends. We play games, we draw and we learn how to read.”

Angus: “I have a superhero mask on and I love having fun at school.”

Harry: “I love playing with all of my friends. I can count to 100.”