No door-to-door collection for Good Friday Appeal

By McIvor Times

DUE to the side effects of the COVID-19 Virus the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) Good Friday Appeal door-to-door collection in Heathcote will not occur this year.

The members of the CFA, Guides and the Heathcote Lions Club are not permitted or willing to do the collection.

Although the RCH Appeal will at this time occur state wide, anyone wishing to donate to the Appeal may do so by contacting Appeal co-ordinator Greg Speirs.

Greg can be contacted on 0408 332 235 and arrangements can be made for the donation to be collected.

The RCH Appeal was one of the first projects conducted by the Heathcote Lions Club in 1972.

Phonse Lonergan co-ordinated the collection from 1972–1987 when ill health forced Phonse to pass the collection over to Greg Speirs.

Greg has conducted the Appeal from his home in Playne Street since 1988.

Last year, Heathcote raised $22,400 for the RCH Appeal.

Since 1972 Heathcote has raised $342,572 for the Appeal.

Whilst it is a pity that the collection cannot be conducted this year, the health of the volunteers and the community is our main priority.

The collection will be conducted next year and remember that you can donate to the Appeal by contacting Greg.

Remember “give that they may grow”.

Greg Speirs, Appeal co-ordinator