Axedale golf club

By McIvor Times

ON SATURDAY, 64 men and six women took part in a 2-Person Ambrose event at the Axedale Golf Club, sponsored by Drummond Golf.

Men’s event

In division one the winners were Craig Lee and Paul OSullivan (9.75 h/c, 60.25 nett). The runners-up were Brendan James and Steven Bird (9.25 h/c, 60.75 nett).

Peter Hoskin and Robin Minne were third (5.75 h/c, 64.25 nett), while a countback was required to determine fourth place which was won by John Torney and Seb Lanteri (9.25 h/c, 64.75 nett).

Ball winners: Rod Threlfall and Bill Ferrari 64.75; Andy McDougall and John Miller 65 on a countback; and Peter and Nick Williamson 65 also on a count-back.

Nearest the pins (men and ladies):

1st hole — division one: Nick Williamson; division two: Domenic Pompei.

6th hole (open): Rod Connelly.

16th hole (open) Super Pin: Paul O’Sullivan.

18th hole — division one: Mark Kesper; division two: Brendan James.

Ladies event

In the ladies competition, the winners were Megan McPherson and Raye Fleay (11.25 h/c, 68.75 nett).

■ ON THURSDAY, July 25, 48 men took part in a stroke event at the Axedale Golf Club. The event was sponsored by Drummond Golf.

In division one (0-19) the winner was Kevin Crawford (80 gross, 16 h/c, 64 nett) on a count-back from David Baillie (79 gross, 15 h/c, 64 nett). Third place went to Gary Johnstone (73 gross, 6 h/c, 67 nett) on a countback.

In division two (20-36) the winner was Andrew Watson (84 gross, 21 h/c, 63 nett). The runner-up was Owen Davies (88 gross, 24 h/c, 64 nett). Third place went to Peter Pannell (86 gross, 20 h/c, 66 nett).

Ball winners: Mark Kesper (67), Steven Lee (67), John Geldart (68), Tim Holmes (69), Bill Andrea (69), David Ivey (69 countback).

Nearest the pins:

1st hole — division one: Peter Williamson; division two: Brian Fry.

2nd hole, 3rd shot — division one: Mark Kesper; division two: Andrew Watson.

6th hole — open: Steven Lee.

17th hole Presidential (Longest) Putt: Peter Hoskin.

18th hole — division one: Drew Drummond; division two: Peter Pannell.

Encouragement Award: division one: Robin Minne; division two: Eric Rogers.

Eagles Nest: Mark Kesper on the 3rd.

Birdie Balls: David Baillie on the 18th.