Corey is keeping busy amongst the greenery during pandemic

By Alex Gretgrix

WHILE many have lost hours or even their jobs altogether, Corey Davis has found a few positives during the pandemic.

Before restrictions, he and others were able to work within the company and participate in a number of group activities, but now they can't.

But the dedicated team at VIVID have pulled together and allowed Corey and many others to continue to do what they love even if it means for less amounts of time.

“Corey was bored at home so we here at VIVID offered him some one-on-one support,” VIVID support employment manager Leanne Lockyer said.

This allowed him to still be able to be in a familiar environment and be around people he knew while also learning some new skills he could take away and use later in life.

“As we have been doing a lot of maintenance work on our buildings, Corey has been able to learn how to paint, particularly walls,” Leanne said.

He has also been able to be around new people.

“By doing work indoors, like painting, he has been able to work with people he may not have been working with before, so that's great too,” she said.

And with that new skill, he has been able to turn it into a new hobby too.

“I like painting canvases now too,” he said.

But Corey has also really taken a liking to gardening.

“While we have had success with our Seed to Plate initiative and we have these guys out in the garden, Corey has really taken to it a lot more,” Leanne said.

“His family has told us they could never get him to do house work or get into the garden, but now he's being very helpful.”

As a way of keeping everyone connected, VIVID have begun having weekly Zoom calls.

“It's a way for us to let everyone know we're still here and there for each other, even if it's just a call to say hello,” Leanne said.

“We're hoping to continue it until the end of quarantine and maybe even include some activities along the way.

“We just want to keep everyone connected.”

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