Meet Echuca and district’s 10 Top Dogs

By Riverine Herald

WE ASKED for the best boys and girls in the region, and you delivered.

After two weeks of entries and two weeks of public voting to decide the region's Top Dog, you have spoken - and in large numbers.

Here are the 10 top dogs in Echuca-Moama and district.


Skipper, 1210 votes

He is an eight-month-old Maltese Shih Tzu. We love him because he is fun, cute, loving and keeps us active by taking us for walks every day.

Molly with her owners Wil, 12, Julia, 8, and Aiden, 10, Anderson from Moama. Photo: Submitted.

Molly, 1142 votes

She is an eight-month-old pure-bred Siberian husky with striking ice blue eyes. She became part of the family in December after travelling doggy class on two airplanes and then by car from her birthplace in northern NSW. She is one big lovable bundle of fur and energy who loves playing with children and other dogs.

Ninia Corry, Coby Morgan, Logan Gretgrix and Duncan the dachshund. Image: Supplied.

Duncan, 750 votes

Duncan is our mate at the Echuca Primary School gate! Enrolled this year, the seven-month-old dachshund was accelerated to Year 6 where he can usually be found ‘paw-fecting’ his reading and writing skills. Duncan is a significant friend to the 500-plus students, staff and community members at 208.


Alan, 211 votes

Alan is a five-year-old Border Collie and is the first dog I have ever owned. I originally bought Alan purely as a companion, someone who I could go walking with, take fishing or go away camping with.


Nala, 146 votes

She is a one-year-old boxer who loves to play ball and tug of war.


Matilda, 143 votes

She is a seven-year-old Australian cattle dog. We have had her since she was a puppy. Matilda works 24/7 as head of security on the farm and is my constant companion. She is super smart and is always doing things that make me laugh. She is such a joy to have around.


MJ, 136 votes

She is our 18-month-old Staffy cross. We rescued her from a farm on the side of the road when she was a couple of weeks old. MJ is our baby and despite her size, is still a lap dog. She is a beautiful natured dog with the quirkiest personality making us laugh every day. She loves the water, especially dirty puddles.


Tim, 117 votes
He is a seven-year-old cavoodle who spends most of his day lounging around the house but also loves running around on our farm or going for a walk down the port area to meet all the other dogs. We love him because he accepts everyone and lets the little humans pull his ears and tail without complaining.


Trapper, 95 votes

Golden Labrador Trapper is a Locky local and the most loving, gentle dog. He is six years old, loves the river in the summer and the fireplace in the winter. He will even help bring in the firewood - just watch your toes.


Buddy, 71 votes

He is a nearly three-year-old boxer. We got him in September last year from Melbourne Boxer Rescue and we adopted him at Christmas. He is full of energy and is learning every day about how to be a good boy and not to cuddle everyone he sees in public. His best friend is a baby teddy he carries in his mouth. He loves his mum and dad and his couch.