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Evolution A wows Milan

By Dairy News

CFMOTO has raised the bar with its futuristic all-electric ATV concept release at the 2019 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy.

Cutting edge design and wild innovation has got everyone talking about the Evolution A.

CFMOTO Australia said similar to the automotive industry, the powersport industry needs to look at alternative propulsion methods including all electric platforms to provide a zero-emission alternative.

“The Evolution A is the next generation in CFMOTO ATVs powered by an electric motor and drivetrain housed in an all-new chassis design,” CFMOTO Australia said.

“Unique features include the ability for the rider to choose different power modes and change suspension settings whilst driving or on the fly.

“Smartphone integration opens an abundance of features including custom displays, navigation, tracking aids, phone calls, notifications and social interaction platforms.

“The Evolution A might be something you would see on the next moon landing but showcases CFMOTO’s ability to break the mould by looking beyond traditional concepts and pushing the boundaries in its powersport products.”