Fighting crime more complex: ex-AFP head

By AAP Newswire

Former Australian Federal Police commissioner Andrew Colvin has warned the cyber world has brought a pace and complexity of criminality "never previously imagined".

But he leaves an agency that is up to the challenge.

In the AFP's 2018/19 annual report, Mr Colvin says the cyber world has brought challenges of encryption and the removal of geographical boundaries.

"Today's criminals have more reach to more potential victims, with more anonymity and geographical protections," he says.

At the same time, the increase of extremism and terrorism has taken crime fighting to a "very public and very global space".

"I am pleased to see our members adapt to changes needed to tackle the modern day criminal head on by embracing new technologies and new thinking,' Mr Colvin says.

"This form or organisational evolution shows no signs of slowing down any time soon."

Mr Colvin finished his term as commissioner in September having held the role since 2014 and having been a police officer for 30 years.