More rainfall needed to break drought

By AAP Newswire

Farmers are surfing and splashing in the rain after downpours on dried out parts of Queensland and New South Wales.

But forecasters warn it won't be enough to break a drought that has plagued crop and livestock farmers for years.

Cattle grazier Dan Lander and two of his mates, Jai Campbell and Ben Schiffmann, tied a homemade rope to a buggy and surfed a four-foot deep puddle in the New South Wales town of Glen Innes after a deluge there on Thursday.

The 22-year-old dusted off a wakeboard he found tucked away in a shed and braced the muddy waters as his friends watched on, beers in hand.

"It was really fun, bit different to your usual surfing, good to get out in it though," Mr Landers said.

"I was a bit worried about sticks and rocks, it was muddy, there was sticks flowing down the stream from the neighbour's place, cow poo."

Significant rainfall has dropped further north in southern and central Queensland, with dozens of videos springing up online of children dancing in the rain.

While the rains brought joy they haven't come close to breaking the drought.

"Unfortunately this wasn't the widespread rainfall we really need," forecaster Rosa Hoff said.

"In order to relieve the (drought) conditions we've been seeing, what we really need is rain for a prolonged period where we see widespread (rain) totals."

But that's unlikely to happen, with the bureau predicting below-average and unreliable rainfall for many areas of the state.