Convoy to Canberra calling to #cantheplan

By Sophie Baldwin

RURAL Australia is facing a crisis. And it is not just drought.

Poor water policy and an out of control Murray-Darling Basin Plan are sending our farmers and the rural communities that depend on agriculture for survival out to sea – along with thousands of gigalitres – through the Murray’s mouth in South Australia.

Anger and desperation are driving a protest to the front door of Federal Parliament in a bid to get someone to listen – someone with the power to alter some of the crippling legislation.

Organised by representatives across the Southern Basin, the convoy to Canberra is calling to #cantheplan.

On December 2, cars, trucks, utes and buses will descend on the capital and Womboota mixed farmers Alastair and Beau Starritt, and children Wally, Peaches and Skye will be right up there amongst it. Alastair said he was fed up with government inaction.

“There are just so many issues with the basin plan and the government continues to ignore it.

I am hoping this rally will help to create more awareness beyond this region and out into the wider public,” Alastair said.

“Politicians know there is a problem but we need the public to get on board to sway opinion and make a change – agriculture and business on all levels cannot continue to sustain the kicks in the guts we are getting,” he said.

Cohuna Neighbourhood House manager Tanya Black was attending the rally as a concerned community member.

“In my role I see how our farmers in this district are really going and it is devastating,” Tanya said.