Life! Aboriginal Road to Good Health program comes to Echuca-Moama

By Charmayne Allison

LOOKING to improve your health?

Keen to learn how to make informed exercise and nutritional choices so you can live your best life?

Then the Life! Aboriginal Road to Good Health program is just for you.

The new healthy lifestyle program, aimed at helping indigenous Australians at risk of developing type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease, is coming to Echuca-Moama.

The free program contains six education modules based on nutrition and physical activity guidelines and aims to offer the motivation and support needed to make and maintain a more healthy lifestyle.


Njernda and REP Exercise Physiology will be holding another community information day on Thursday, November 28 at Njernda Medical Centre from 3pm to 5pm.

The six-week program will run from December 5 to 19 and January 9 to 16.

Program co-ordinator Mick Cannon from REP said Campaspe Shire had the highest rate of Indigenous, disability and aged care residents in Victoria.

“Our Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander population is three times the Victorian average and our aging population is 8 per cent above the state average according to the 2017 Loddon Mallee Region Community Profile,” he said.

“Given the higher prevalence of at risk groups it is of no surprise that regarding health conditions, 27 per cent of our population have high blood pressure, 24 per cent live with chronic pain and 23 per cent are classified as obese.

Mick said the Loddon Mallee region also boasts the number one rank for cancer prevalence.

“From a nutritional perspective, 55 per cent of us are not meeting fruit and vegetable dietary guidelines,” he said.

“As result we have the highest rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes rates in regional Victoria. Which is just shocking.

“We hope the Life! Aboriginal Road to Good Health program will help address this.”

For more information contact Mick on 0418 553 349.