Campaspe Shire Council is ensuring access for one and all

By Lachlan Durling

CAMPASPE Shire Council is ensuring equal access for all people in the district after council adopted an updated access and inclusion strategy.

Mayor Adrian Weston said the strategy is a guide to a more accessible and supportive Campaspe which includes social, economic, built and natural environments.

“This is the fourth edition of the document and has now been broadened to include additional groups to better reflect the entire community,” Cr Weston said.

The strategy identifies nine communities of priority as focal points for future actions.

These are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culturally diverse communities, LGBTIQ+, youth, people with mental illness, older people, women, and people with social disadvantage.

“It was prepared by council staff working closely with customers, local communities, subject experts such as agencies and health service providers, along with the general public,” Cr Weston said.

“About 190 public surveys were completed and pop up sessions were held in three towns.”

Future actions will be based on the document’s four strategic objectives: Plan and deliver council services that enable access and inclusion, ensure council’s decision making processes include participation by, and consideration for, Campaspe’s communities of priority, advocate for the needs of council’s identified communities of priority and develop and maintain partnerships that support the needs of council’s identified communities of priority.

The access and inclusion strategy is available on council’s website.