The Nationals announce ambitious plan to tackle household waste

By Charmayne Allison

MEMBER for Murray Plains Peter Walsh says The Nationals in government will end household waste going into landfill by 2035.

Touted as the largest environmental overhaul in Victoria in decades, the $120 million Zero to Landfill plan will invest in energy-from-waste technology that will use Victoria’s household waste to generate low-emission energy.

The Liberal Nationals will also support the local recycling processing industry to upgrade so Victorians’ recycling goes to market instead of landfill.

“We all want to do our bit to make sure our children can live in a state that is cleaner than the one we inherited from our parents which is why local people diligently recycle as much as possible,” Mr Walsh said.

“We have a unique opportunity in Victoria to utilise the waste that’s currently being sent to landfill and use it to benefit all Victorians by securing a more reliable baseload power supply.”

Interim targets will see a 33 per cent reduction in household waste to landfill by 2025, a 66 per cent reduction by 2030 and a 100 per cent reduction by 2035.

“Victoria desperately needs to reduce the waste we send to landfill and we need new, low emission sources of energy,” Mr Walsh said.

“Energy-from-waste technology is an opportunity to make a real difference for the next generation and the Nationals in government will bring it to Victoria to solve today’s problems and help future generations.”