Josh is reaching for the stars after school

By Alex Gretgrix

FROM a young age, Echuca College's Josh Berg has had a passion for maths and science.

At age 10, he knew he had something special and luckily for him, this passion lead him to be named the school's Year 12 Dux of 2019.

With an ATAR score of 96.4, he had his love of these subjects to thank.

“Throughout the year, I knew maths and science might get me over the line and they did,” he said.

Like all the other students, he was up early eagerly waiting to find out the outcome of all his hard work.

“I set my alarm for 7am, but my body woke me up at 6.30am and I just knew I had to stay up,” he said.

“As soon as I saw my score, I just text my mum the number and she was over the moon.

“It was just such a relief.”

But unlike most students, Josh didn't find himself worrying too much throughout the year.

“I seemed to be pretty chill over the course of the year, but I think that's because I was focusing on what I love,” he said.

Now the results are in, he is confident he will be making his way to Melbourne for his dream course.

“I'm wanting to move to Monash University to do a double degree of computer science and science and I may even dabble in a bit of physics, but I'm not quite sure yet,” he said.

He was able to obtain study scores of 29 in English, 39 in specialist maths, 42 in mathematical methods and physics, 29 in biology, 46 in further maths and a 35 in chemistry.