Echuca East resident condemns “rotten” peppercorn trees

By Charmayne Allison

ECHUCA sleeper cutter Doug Rosenow is condemning crumbling peppercorn trees on Goulburn Rd and Sutton St which Campaspe Shire Council has deemed safe.

Despite battling for almost three years to have the "rotten" trees chopped down, the Echuca East local's efforts have been unsuccessful to date.

While council sent out arborists to inspect the trees following his complaint, they have claimed the trees are not a safety risk.

But Doug, who has been woodcutting for 61 years, begs to differ.

“A couple of the trees on Goulburn Rd have holes right through them. They are rotten and it is a bloody disgrace,” he said.

“If these were in front of the Civic Centre, they would be taken down. But because it's Echuca East, they won't do anything.”

Mr Rosenow was stumped the arborist sent by council reported the trees as safe.

“These trees are leaning over roads and present a massive safety risk to people walking by or parked in cars under them,” he said.

“How could an arborist say these are alright?”

Council sent an arborist to inspect the trees again after contacted by the Riverine Herald for comment.

But still claimed there was no cause for alarm.

“Contact was made with Mr Rosenow today to understand the nature of his concerns and which trees he was referring to,” regulatory and community services general manager Paul McKenzie said.

“Following past service requests, council’s arborist inspected the trees. Today a further visual inspection has taken place.

“All inspections have confirmed that the trees do not need to be removed. Given the concerns, council will conduct another inspection in the coming months.”

Mr McKenzie said trees were only removed if assessed as dead, dying or dangerous.

“Street trees are regularly inspected across the shire,” he said.

“If a resident is concerned about a street tree, a service request can be made, an inspection completed and the resident advised of the outcome.”