Rockin’ on with the team down at the Rock Solid HQ

By Riverine Herald

THE team at Rock Solid are the first to admit they don’t take themselves too seriously most of the time.

They enjoy a joke, they love a good rock pun, and have a bit of fun with their clients.

It’s the attitude they have fostered in their time serving the community with their landscaping service, providing everything from rocks, soil and sand, through to trades for local customers.

But when it comes to delivering the best products to the community they serve, no one is more serious than Rock Solid.

But owner Rebecca Woods said not everything the company do is about the landscaping itself.

Rock Solid is rapidly becoming more and more proud of the still very new Rock Solid shop, a rapidly expanding part of the service the company provides.

“We used to think of it kind of like the fries that go with the burger,” Rebecca said.

“It wasn’t the centre point of what we did, but it was something we could give extra as part of our service.

“That is rapidly changing for us, it’s no longer the fries, its our other burger now. We’ve gone from a few little pieces at the small end of the shop to a much bigger selection.”

The shop has everything for your outdoor room’s de´cor, from pots, wall art, water features, fire pits and metal art created by local artists, all available to make your yard into an outdoor room.

“We’ve gotten excellent feedback on this part of the business – we’ve been told we have top quality at K Mart prices,” she said.

“We’ve now extended into the shed so we can do more and more. Now it’s not all about garden products, its fashioned to everyone.

“People can come in and have a browse for something new.”

And that can make for a perfect Christmas gift for someone who wants to make their garden more of a show piece at their house – as well as show some love to not only a local business, but local artists as well.

“We’re excited to help all our community out with their Christmas shopping,” Rebecca said.

“You can come in and expect exceptional customer service, fantastic quality products and the best prices.”

Rock Solid is open 7am-5pm Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm Saturday and 9am-3pm Sunday at 47 Sturt St.

For more information visit or call 5480 7299.