Feeling disengaged? Council wants to fix that

By Lachlan Durling

MURRAY River Council has adopted a new Community Engagement Strategy, the first step in the development of new internal processes to better connect with customers.

The strategy details how Council plans to deliver improved engagement practices and work towards more open and active relationships with the community.

The strategy also incorporates a Community Participation Plan - as required under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 - designed to make participation in planning clearer by identifying opportunities available for community input on strategy development, plan making and proposed development decisions.

Murray River Council Mayor, Cr Chris Bilkey said Council wants to improve how it engages with residents.

“This strategy is the first step in formalising an engagement process internally so that we are better placed to inform and consult; whether it be top-level plans or every day planning matters.”

“Ultimately the goal is that Council’s plans, policies and programs better reflect the interests and concerns of the community, and that really is about open and transparent engagement and improving our organisational capacity in this space.”