Double trouble and trouble doubled: four sets of identical twins start prep at St Mary’s Primary School

By Daneka Hill

NO YOU'RE not seeing double – or even quadruple.

Four sets of identical twins have started prep at the exact same school.

Luckily St Mary’s Primary School has four prep classes, just enough to fit one set of twins per class.

Prep teacher Sarah Kilborn said it is challenging to tell the twins apart, even with the secret “tips and tricks” provided by their parents.

A mother to twins herself, Mrs Kilborn said keeping the sibling together while so young made them easier to teach.

School principal Brendan Atley said most twins are kept in the same class until grade two.

“At school twins always look after each other and are such great friends throughout,” Mr Atley said.

“It is usually a parental decision to keep them together, some want them separated straight away and some don’t.”

Mr Atley said identical twins were not unusual for the school which had two sets in grade six last year, but four sets were “quite rare”.

While the twins themselves are still settling into the strange new world of prep, their parents have a head start on the school social scene – they all know each other.

Mother to five-year-olds Hudson and Flynn Alder, Taleitha Alder, said all the mothers knew each other from a twin “mummy group”.

“The twins were only young then so they wouldn’t remember each other,” Taleitha said.

“It was a lot of children to have in one space so we stopped doing it when they were about two years old.”

Taleitha said there was no big plan among the parents to enrol in the same school, and their unexpected reunion on the first day of prep came as a surprise.

The twins have only been at school for a week, but they’re already showing signs of being keen students.

Hudson said his class was learning about letters and he liked the letter A because “it has something in the middle”.

His brother Flynn liked the “letter” six.

Oskar Puls liked climbing on the playground and playing football with his friend Brodie.

Izaac Puls was also a big fan of the playground like his brother, but his favourite part of school was drawing.

Izaac also elaborated on the question further, describing how he was a music buff who enjoyed listing to the rock band Foo Fighters.

Gabrielle and Phoebe Drakatos enjoyed playing with their older sister before class.

Sisters Denny and Halle Moon had disappeared onto the crowded playground by the time the reporter got around to asking them about prep.

It can be assumed their favourite part of school is the playground equipment.