When the family home becomes the best club in town

By Lachlan Durling

THE last place Blaize Hearn thought she would be celebrating her 18th birthday was at home all night and day.

Or that she’d be required to produce photo ID to get in her own front door.

But thanks to her ingenious family, the perfect family dinner and dance club was created in the four walls of the family home.

“She was really excited for her 18th birthday, it’s a big milestone for anyone and it meant she could go out with a few friends and have a drink,” mum Nat Peacock said.

“We were going to have a big dinner with family and friends – probably about 50 people – but as the news changed over the week it got smaller and smaller.”

The family was fully prepared, with Blaize getting her proof of age card to go out this weekend just passed and a licence test booked in on Monday.

So when restrictions came in regarding hairdressers – seeing the appointment changed – and VicRoads announced they would suspend all light vehicle licence testing, it was all going a little pear-shaped.

But restrictions the family knew were in the best interests of the public health and safety.

And so, without Blaize’s knowledge, the family created the next best thing.

“It was a complete surprise to her, she walked out in the morning to see all the balloons out the front and looked across to see the neighbours had also decorated their front yard,” Nat said.

“We didn’t want to organise too many people for a birthday drive by as we didn’t want too many people coming out unnecessarily.

“And then we had a dinner as a family of five with everyone getting their phones out for the cake and getting as many people as we could on Facetime – including the grandparents.”

Then, it was time for Blaize’s initiation into the 18-year-old club, her first time getting carded at the door.

“We got her to stand at the front door and we checked her ID before she came in,” Nat laughed.

“We had an early night but I think she enjoyed it regardless.”