Echuca couple tie knot in COVID-19 wedding

By Ivy Jensen

ECHUCA’S Tarika and Regan More were so determined to tie the knot, they weren’t about to let a pandemic stand in their way.

Even if that meant no reception and only one of their 65 guests allowed.

And just a week to organise it.

Despite all this, the newlyweds said it was worth it.

“She got to wear her dress and she looked beautiful and that’s the main thing,” Regan said.

The couple originally locked in June 27, 2020, for their wedding but postponed it to March 13 2021 once the COVID-19 restrictions came into effect.

But, as time went on, they thought there was no time like the present.

“We thought there was no point waiting around,” Regan said.

“Most of my family are in New Zealand and couldn’t come anyway, so we just thought ‘why not?'.

“The week before, we were on our way home from the grocery store and we thought ‘let’s do it’.”

While Tarika already had her wedding dress, it needed alterations done in Shepparton.

“I got my wedding ring while we were over there,” Regan said.

“Our photographer, Tamara Cadd, was free and we found a celebrant and organised the flowers from Bryants Buds.

“It was pretty stressful for Tarika, but everything fell into place in the end.”

So, on August 23, Kerry Ann Lucas of Etain Celebrant Services married the couple at Radcliffe’s, Echuca, in front of Tarika’s best friend, Rochel Lovejoy, while Tamara captured the special moment.

Echuca's Tarika and Regan More didn't let COVID-19 stand in their way of getting married. The couple married on August 23 with just one guest. Photo by Tamara Cadd

“I woke up like any other day and then it hit me — ‘we’re going to get married today’,” Regan said.

“Tarika had her make-up done by a friend so I went to the venue early.

“Then we had the ceremony and it was all a bit of a blur after that.

“It just went so quickly. The ceremony was only about 15 minutes and then we had some photos and then we went home.

“It was a pretty relaxed night. We had a few drinks and ordered some takeaway.”

Regan, 24, who works at the Tongala abattoir, and early childhood educator Tarika, 22, were engaged two years ago after buying a dog.

“I thought I’d get a two-for-one deal,” Regan laughed.

They welcomed their first baby — daughter Georgia — on March 12 this year, who was looked after by her aunt on her parents’ wedding day.

While Regan and Tarika missed out on a honeymoon, they plan to visit New Zealand when restrictions allow.

“We also plan to have a reception party with our guests when we can,” Regan said.

In the meantime, their future is looking is bright.

“We’ve put our house on the market and we’re hoping to upscale,” Regan said.

“We want to stay in Echuca as we love it here and are looking forward to building a family and our careers.”


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