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Rallying in the red dust to conquer depression

By David Chapman

DEPRESSION is a serious illness which isolates, then traps, a person in their own emotional anguish.

It prevents them from interacting normally with work colleagues and loved ones, putting a strain on relationships.

The worst part is the sufferer doesn't even know they have depression.

Rob Greiner knows that now.

But only after he had been through his own personal hell in the aftermath of the death of his son Warren.

Now he and his mates from the Rich River Rod and Custom Club are raising awareness about depression by participating in the Red Dust Festival in Western Australia.

In addition to building a race car hot rod to run at the festival around a two-and-a-half mile claypan, the team will be encouraging people to 'come and say g'day', opening up the chance to have conversations about the insidious illness.

Interview by David Chapman

Produced by Charmayne Allison