Rochester Golf Club seeks more hands on deck

By James Arbuthnott

Rochester Racecourse Recreation Reserve risks becoming another neglected fire hazard, similar to Random House, without help from council and the community.

Rochester Golf Club president Ron McAsey and secretary Naida Belot are looking for extra hands and funds to help maintain the 100ha property, which accommodates fitness groups, schools, golfers, horse riders and bird watchers — as well as some endangered species.

An open letter from the club to the community of Rochester recently insisted the reserve "cannot be neglected and, if it is, it may become another Random House; derelict and unused".

Provisioned by late Rochester Citizen of the Year Geoff Carr, whose life's work in Rochester is credited by the reserve's pavilion, the reserve has unfortunately seen almost a decade of knockbacks from the shire council, according to Ms Belot.

"If the government fold, who is going to look after it?" said Ms Belot.

"We are appealing to the wider community — to all residents and businesses — for any assistance they can spare. Perhaps you’re a retired mechanic able to maintain and fix the machinery; a retired farmer who misses the throb of a Fergie under your feet who could help with mowing or slashing."

"Or you could simply donate to the club to help offset the costs of maintaining our open spaces."

The land, which was provisioned to never be sold off for private interests, is irrigated and adorned with tree-lined fairways and dams, although its front nine are the only holes open to the public. 

For more information on how you or your group can get involved, phone president Rod McAsey on 0427 830 595 or email [email protected]