Wheels in motion for Rochy Christmas

By James Arbuthnott

Rochester recycling extraordinaire Heather Darbyshire has a vision for the town's Christmas decorations this year.

She wants community groups, businesses and artistic individuals to adorn old bicycle wheels from the Tiger Bike project to be displayed at town entrances and parks in the area.

She's reaching out to community groups in particular to order bicycle wheels to recycle in their character as well as more wheels for the Christmas decorations. 

"They can be decorated specifically to your organisation or business — flowers for the florist, newsprint for Campaspe News or they can just be a creative masterpiece," Mrs Darbyshire said.

Wheels can be placed in shopfront windows or attached to stands and each wheel will be labelled with the name of the organisation or individual that did the decorating.

Funding from the shire resulted in large metal stands being made for the decorations, and a list of locations and contributors will be available for visitors and locals.

For more information on how to get involved in this year's recycling Rochester Christmas, call Heather Darbyshire on 0400 866 815.