New high-quality CCTV for Rochester

By Anna McGuinness

THERE will soon be nowhere for troublemakers in Rochester to hide with new high-quality CCTV cameras to be installed around town.

As part of a Murray-Darling Basin grant, money has been put towards ensuring crime can be captured on video.

Darren Pain is a member of the security committee planning the installation and said they had to face facts.

“We’ll never have a 24-hour police here, so the cameras give the police coverage in town — they can see what’s happening in real time,” he said.

“It comes on the back of break-ins happening quite a bit a few years ago.

“We’re going to be targeted, so hopefully this will be a deterrent.”

The cameras will be placed around town and all major entrances, and the images will be sharp enough to read number plates.

The installation will be completed shortly.