Booth Transport keeping Victoria beautiful

By Country News

Despite the company going home empty-handed at the Premier's Sustainability Awards, Booth Transport has taken out the Environmental Sustainability Award as part of the Keep Victoria Beautiful Tidy Towns 2019 program.

The recognition stems from the company’s Strathmerton Water Treatment Plan implemented last year, which has revolutionised wastewater disposal on-site.

The state-of-the-art water treatment plant houses a worm farm where the water — from cleaning tankers and silos — is filtered for dairy proteins to be ingested by worms, which helps prevent disease and aids the economy through effective energy production.

“It's fantastic for the company to be recognised for pushing the boundaries and trying something new,” Booth Transport project manager Brendan Edwards said.

“It's great to be able to showcase the technology which we think is really promising and could have wider benefits.”

Currently going through more than 200 000 litres of wastewater every day, the water operation means Booth Transport sees a reduction of 3000 tonnes of carbon emission a year and adds 121000 kilolitres of recycled water into the irrigation system each year.

“It is saving us quite a bit of money compared to our alternative treatment and disposal methods,” he said.

The final piece of the puzzle is set to be commissioned later this month, with more projects on their way.

“This month we are planning on commissioning our desalination plant, which also uses technology that is new to Australia – orginiating out of California,” he said.

“This is the final step of the wastewater treatment plant so it's very exciting time for us.

“We are always looking at new projects and ways to improve.

“We are targeting a waste to energy project in the near future, so that will be an exciting venture also.”